Adrain Mc Gwaiun

(Deceased-Battle for DaggerRock)


A very well built human male with short orange hair, a bushy mustache and eyes like storm clouds. He was a major landowner in DaggerRock, hardworking farmer, loving father and husband until assassins took his life in battle.


In his younger days Adrain served as a caravan guard for DaggerRock, transporting supplies to markets far and wide. During this time he became a capable warrior and business man- he used the skills he learned to gain lands back in his home town with the ambition to take over from Marshal, the then oppressive mayor.
On a trip to Elund he met his wife to be: Elizabeth. They have had three beautiful sons during their twenty two year marriage. Also in that time he focused on aquiring lands and cattle, he fought hard to defend these two from Marshal Ford, but he did not have the capital to do so and in his time of need he turned to the merchant Larkin. With his investments he managed to challenge Ford and support some of the smaller farms. Within a fortnight he was on even footing with Ford.
Unfortunately he couldn’t realise his dream as he fell during the battle for DaggerRock battling alongside Valrim. His last thoughts were of his wife and family.

Adrain Mc Gwaiun

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