Balin Cook

Greyholm Cook / Alchemist


The owner of Daggerrocks’ local inn, The Castle on a Swamp until it was destroyed by an army of bandits, assassins and a rogue ogre. Up until then Balin had a nice life going for him; he brewed ale and potions for the town and was well liked. He thought he had met his end whenever the ogre stormed into his tavern, but the warrior Erik dragged him to safety.


Balin was an apothecary in Elund for most of his life. He retired to Daggerrock to live out his days on his savings, which he poured into a tavern on which his name could live on. When the tavern burned down he was broke and without a home with only one thing keeping him going: a debt to the warrior Erik. He moved into Greyholm and cooks for travellers and adventurers going to and from DaggerRock for a time but has since gone missing while searching Daggerrock Falls for rare ingredients.

Balin Cook

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