Rogue Wizard - (Deceased)


A small man with huge eyes and a grand blue beard. He wears a set of very purple robes which are usually covered in blood.


One of Elunds most notorious serial killers, Bluebeard was once known as Andreias Malv, head of alchemic studies at the great library. He became fascinated with the unique qualities of the blood of young children. He claimed the blood could be used to create healing potions unlike any the world had ever seen. His research was of course discontinued by the houses of Elund but he continued in private, killing more and more children, bleeding them dry until at last he found the key to his experiments.

When the truth was brought to light by a group of adventurers from Golden Company Bluebeard fought them all singlehandedly enduring many fatal wounds but recovering with his extremely powerful potions. It is said that the leader of that group Goshavan managed to kill Bluebeard but no one was able to confirm as the rest of that party died there. It is widely considered a fact that Bluebeard is indeed dead but that others have now taken up his research in the hopes of obtaining immortality.

He finally met his end at the hands of Jay in his underground layer ooutside of Elund but his demise seems only to have amused him as he gaved into the eye of terror above him…


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