Commander Archer

Elund Inquisition


A very young man, he was given his command after the death of his older brother. He is now a respected member of the Inquisition in Elund and has maintained his rank. As the youngest member of the Inquisition leadership, he now serves on the frontline for the purge of cults in and around the citystate of Elund.
After his mission within the Rift Archer has been given the rank of Commander and is therefore a Lord of considerable power. He is using this new position to influence the policies of the Inquisition to allow a dialogue with Wei Jin Temple hoping one day to gain another strong ally.


Archer Armstrong has followed in his family’s footsteps. With several generations rooted in the Inquisition, he has a deep seated resentment for faith of any kind and takes great pleasure in smiting those he sees as wicked.
Archer found some peace in the town of DaggerRock and made it his and his men’s personal mission to defend this small area unless otherwise pulled away. Which he was soon was, to Uther’s Hold.
In the Rift Archer lost all his men fighting the horrors within, surviving by the skin of his teeth and at the last moment being rescued by Larkin’s party. This has fundamentally changed him as he now throws himself into danger for his men’s’ safety.

Commander Archer

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