Damiao Nakor


Lawful Good
Brown Eyes
Long Brown Hair
Normal Complection


Damiao, like many children of the order of Pistis Sophia, was taken from a life of poverty. He was given to one of the order’s members by an old woman who said that his parents had died and that she was not strong enough to care for an infant on her own.

From there his life was like any other child cared for by a temple, he was raised and taught in a simple but good environment. He was chosen by the master Nakor, a highly skilled but positively spirited monk. Unlike other monastic orders however all ‘life long’ members (those who have been their for the majority of their lives up to that point) of the temple Pistis Sophia must live for a year with the people of the settlements below up reaching thirteen years of age. This is so that if they choose to take one or more of the many vows the order practices it can be based upon real experience and without the experience they wouldn’t know the true meaning behind vows, making them hollow.

Now he is 20 years of age and can leave the temple indefinitely. He travels so that he might better understand the path he has chosen and the sacrifices it entails. So that he can see the world and try to make a positive difference in it however small.

Damiao Nakor

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