Elund Noble


A very well spoken diplomat, Delvin serves as an intermediary for the Elund Guard’s dealings with outside assistance. He is well known for his negotiations which led to Mithril Hall joining the citystate of Elund.
Since then he became a political powerhouse rising through the ranks faster than anyone could have predicted. This was not due to his family‚Äôs’ power but his own brilliance for delegation, it would seem he could always pick the right people for the job at hand. Many contested that his perfect record and insisted that he must of had outside help to get this far this fast but no one could find anything and his opponents have since been silenced.


From what little you know of him, he seems to be good friends with Captain Archer. He carries a long thin cudgel that sparks occasionally and is usually flanked by two very unlikable bodyguards. Recently his family has come into some money and he appears reflects that with robes worthy of royalty and enough gold on his fingers to support a small army for a time.


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