Elizabeth Mc Gwaiun

Wife of Adrain & Mistress of Greyholm


The wife of Adrain Mc Gwaiun. She ran his household and took care of their two boys. Now, with her husband dead, she moved into Greyholm and has taken charge of the day to day running of the hold. She holds an endearing fondness for the monk Nakor and works in his stead alongside her eldest son Sventus, for the betterment of the people of DaggerRock.


Elizabeth met Adrain when they were very young in the city of Elund. They fell swiftly in love and she left a life of luxury to be with him. Her shrewd business sense led to their farm becoming one of the most powerful in DaggerRock. She took a step back from town politics when her first son was born; they named him Sventus and he quickly found strength in his father’s footsteps and left the village at sixteen in search of adventure. Her other two boys, Whiss and Fistic, are still in their early teens, focused on becoming warriors like their father and brother.
When Adrain died in battle she could scarcely believe it had happened- he was as strong a man as she had ever met and deadly with his claymore. Her grief shook her family and it was not until Sventus returned home that she gradually regained a sense of her surroundings. Now she focuses on Greyholm and helping her sons grow without a father.

Elizabeth Mc Gwaiun

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