A Human male of medium height and build. With black hair and blue eyes. Wielding two bladed tonfa.


Erik began his life in Saltbreeze village where he lived for the first 16 years of his life after the death of his father he decided to leave, not wanted after the life his father had settled in to he was after something with more adventure and danger. Always a bit of a cocky young lad he and figured he could handle himself anywhere. He left along with his friend of many past years Jay. She had been given over to the care of a wizard a few towns over, and they thought it would be good to travel together, and share a few more laughs. Once they reached the town where Jay was headed, Ce had come to the decision to join a company, and after leaving Jay in the care of her wizard, with instructions to come find him if things ever got boring. He headed to the city of Elund. After being rejected by a couple of companies for being ‘nougt but a green boy’ he found one that would take him. The Golden Company took him in. He started using his fathers old blade a trusty but well used longsword, still in great condition after many many years of use, if there was one thing his father had drilled in to him it was to care for your weapons. He found the sword serviceable but not to his liking, so once he had made enough, he took his pay to a weapons dealer he had heard about from a couple of guys in the company and got the most exotic thing they had, which was two bladed tonfa. Made to enhance defence as well as being a good offensive weapon light and quick, and exactly what he wanted. He threw himself in to the training determined to become a master.

A few months away from his 19th year of life he was surprised to find Jay had reappeared, she had learned all that the wizard could teach her that she wanted to learn and had come seeking a dusk-blade named Goshivan who was one of the members of Erik’s company. She join up to the company to learn from Goshivan, and they worked and trained together from then. The company they were in all became quite close, the leader insisted on a large amount of training, and that they all know how to properly make and break a defensible camp, as well as basic signalling so as to communicate quickly and silently.


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