Gabriel Hawke

White Forest - Loti Commander


A male elf standing at 5’4 with long blonde hair and glowing blue eyes. He wears earthen weave clothing allowing himself to become camouflaged easily in any terrain, that and his Zhi longbow earned the fear and respect of Elund’s Loti.


A casual glance at Hawke and one could be mistaken for considering him human because of his attitude towards life, being known to brood and complain rather than enjoy life like his kin. He was known for his powerful intellect and sense of responsibility but Elund was stunned when he publically challenged the hero Goshavan on the grounds that he had betrayed the city to a dark power. Goshavan defeated him easily but didn’t kill him insisting that he be imprisoned under the grounds that he had gone mad and need careful medical attention. Hawke publically humiliated and stripped of his command has vowed to destroy Goshavan and lives with this one burning ambition.

Gabriel Hawke

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