Golden Company Primus


Goshavan is the leader of the Elund Golden Company Chapter and the duskblade who taught Jay the ways of channelling magic through weapons. He stands at an impressive 6’5 with short blonde hair and sharp green eyes. Little is known of his early life but at some point he arrived in Elund from the east, defeated the then Primus of Golden Company and took over her role.


Said to be on par with the watchers of Elund Goshavan is said to be the most deadly man in Elund. His abilities manifest beyond those of a mere spellcaster and his blade Stormbringer is said to have the power carve mountain in two.
Goshavan has been a mentor to Jay and others in Golden Company for many years but always acted in a hard and uncaring way. This has brought him respect but not the love of his men.


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