Greyjoy Silverbane



A tall man dressed in dark leathers which hide darken chainmail, Greyjoy is instantly recognisable by his thick grey hair stretching down past his shoulders. He wields two mercurial bastard swords in combat preferring to rush into combat tear his victims apart than wait to see if they had any gold on their person.


Feared by many he accumulated a rather large bounty which was collected by Ruffian after drinking him so far under the table it could have been his grave. Ruffian saw potential in him and used the considerable bounty to buy his freedom, enlisting him in Golden Company.
While under Ruffian’s wing Greyjoy was held in check usually because of the debt he owed Ruffian however he believes his debt paid in full after he sacrificed one of his blades to save Ruffian in some incident that neither of them speak of…

Greyjoy Silverbane

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