Harú Cross

Grand Master of the Dawnstars


Standing at 6’4 and weighing as much as a small building Harú’s size is a dominating factor in his appearance. He wields the famous Gol’ton the ancient blade said to be created by the first of the Dawnstars back when they were allied with the Cult of Pelor during the Nova Crisis. He serves as leader of the Dawnstars but despite his appearance prefers to hold back from the front lines and trust in his lieutenants to get the job done.


Father to Rothen and head of the Cross Family, Harú fought his way from lesser nobility to become head of the Dawnstars Knights. In his middle years he defeated Ceryni’s champion Galk in single combat preventing Ceryni forces from invading Uther’s Reach Elund’s furthest reaching outpost. Although the reach fell several years later Harú is still held in high regard because of his actions that day but in recent years his son Rothen rose to relative fame. Now at an age of fifty Harú is comfortable with leaving things to his son and has receded to a less public forum.

The private life of this man is considerably different, young women from across the city refer to him as the “Bathhouse Menace” as he is occasionally said to have peeped once or twice. Most fine him very pleasant company as they always greeted with a smile and a warm drink at his estate.

Harú Cross

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