Izabella Scorpio



A suave human female of average height but heavily built. She has shoulder length red hair with many bangles and other jewellery decorating her form. At any point in time she could be wearing a number of intoxicating fragrances she uses to confuse her foes before striking. She wears an interesting assortment of armours across her body ranging from leather straps barely containing her cleavage to what appears to be the remnants of a tower shield warped around her shoulder. She wields a sabre and punching dagger in combat.


Originally born in the Warden territories to a naval family she was to be married off at a young age to another wealthy family. Instead of becoming a slave to a man she hardly knew she fled and joined the free traders a group of pirates who ruled several small villages by the magenta basin. While there she served all manner of positions learning her trade from anyone she could seduce. This continued for a time until the Warden Navy learned of the free traders and began moving on their position. Opposition to the Wardens was crushed within hours and the villages around the basin were “liberated”, as for Izabella she was aboard the ship Revenge which had fled the battle before it began. The crew wasn’t particularly happy about this turn of events, leaving their homes and fellows behind, Izabella saw this and chose to capitalise upon the moment of discontent and started a mutiny. Thus she became a captain on her own vessel, for around a week then she sailed it off a cliff and into the badlands. Shortly after that she joined up with Golden Company intent of paying off her debts in order to rebuild the Revenge.

Izabella Scorpio

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