Jay Jameson


A female human Duskblade wielding a spiked chain.


Jay Jameson

Name: Jay Jameson – My father believed there was something special about the letter ‘J’ and that people with names that begin with J are more trustworthy. Also he technically gave me a middle name but he never told me what it stood for, all I know is that it begins with ‘J’.
Alignment: Neutral Good

My father, Jordan J. Jameson raised me and taught me about the world, and how most people will lie or kill to get anything they want. He trusted me with the knowledge of his past, when he was known as Jimady, a rogue fighter for good in a world of evil and he taught me his view of right and wrong. I will always try my best to stay clear of killing, stealing, lying, etc to accomplish good, but I understand that I am only human. This is the way my father lived and I too now want to live like him.

He told me many things, like how my Mother left before I was born (I only thought to question that after he had already left) and so he had to quit his life of danger and change his name to take care of me. The little he told me about my mother was that she was a magic user and (knowing my father) her name probably began with ‘J’. Knowing my mother was a magic user was what first peaked my interest in magic, and my father saw it. When I was 16 my father left, saying he once again felt the urge to do what he could in the world, now that I was old enough. He said he would leave me in the care of a friend of my mother’s, Starswirl the Bearded, who lived a few towns away. My father hoped that he could teach me the workings of magic. The only thing I have as a memento of him is his old Spyglass, which he gave me.

After leaving Saltbreeze Village, Erik and I went our separate ways – we had been childhood friends. I went to live with Starswirl who endeavored to teach me the basics of magic. While his teachings were great and I was learning faster than any of his previous students, it was not fast enough for me. I longed to get out into the world to do what I could, but Starswirl’s teachings would take another 5 years at least. I expressed my want to take what I already knew and get out into the world and so he provided me with another option. He knew of a man in Elund, named Goshavan, who channeled magic through his weapons. He advised me to seek him out to learn under him so that I could fight and practice magic at the same time. Starswirl also taught me a lot about astronomy, so as long as I can see the sky I can find my way. After a year of teachings I decided to go seek out Goshavan.

Finding Goshavan proved easy, as he was very well known in the city. He was part of a mercenary group known as the Golden Company. Goshavan accepted me into the group through a combination of my willingness to do good and the fact that Erik was already a member, and so he could vouch for me. Goshavan taught me how to channel spells properly, but he said that everyone’s technique for such was different. He advised me to experiment with different weapons to find whichever best suited me. After many a weapon I finally came across the Spiked Chain, which provided a great size, shape and feel, it was also incredibly flexible with its shape and use, and so suited me best. From the mercenary group we learned our own form of sign language, which had a fair bit of basic phrases, but nothing complicated.

After 3 years Erik and I still work in said Company. The only other person I know who uses a combination of magic and strength like I do is Goshavan, therefore I am completely motivated towards spreading this technique and/or searching for others like me. I am also searching for the whereabouts of my father and more knowledge about my mother.

Jay Jameson

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