Lord Robin House of the Spearleaf

(Deceased Uther's Hold Rift)


A young lordling who bought a position for himself and his friends in Golden Company to see the world. He travelled with some family guards and his girlfriend, Lady Jessica, alongside Jay and Erik towards DaggerRock. He lost sight of them during an ambush outside of the town.


The youngest of twelve sons to the house of Spearleaf, there was not much in store for Robin. His elder brothers would inherit the family fortune and responsibility. So he spent his days reading stories of adventure and treasure along with his childhood sweetheart Jessica. Their childhoods were spent in training so that one day they too could go find adventure (and possibly meaning) to their lives. Or, at the very least: relieve the boredom on everyday life in the city.
Sadly. their dream did not seem like it was meant to be; every outing they went on seemed to end the same way: their family guards would be wounded defending them and they had to retreat before anything substantial happened. So they believed that by joining a mercenary company they could go further. But this turned out to be an even worse idea as the warriors of Golden Comapany disliked them from the off.
After buying his way into leading a cohort he was assigned to look for a merchant named Larkin, his journey took him to DaggerRock where he was separated from his team and before they could regroup. He and Jessica were tasked by the village to go to Uther’s Hold and get reinforcements before the town was attacked by bandits.
Not much is known about what happened to the lordling after that but he returned dying a few days later begging anyone who would listen to go to Uther’s Hold and save his beloved.

Lord Robin House of the Spearleaf

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