Marcus Kerf

An ex Bodyguard of Valrim


Another ex Elund Guard turned farmer, he joined Valrim for the massive amount of gold he was offering. He used it to fund his addiction to roit weed.


Marcus was a promising officer for the Elund Military and was rising through the ranks until his habits got the better of him and he was found out. He was thrown out in disgrace and was trying to find a new life in DaggerRock when easy money came his way in the form of a young dwarf.
At first the money was used to buy back his family armour and weapons he had sold to fund his addiction and then to debase himself in a drug induced stupor. He had more money than he knew what to do with, so he bought a huge supply of narcotics and for a time this brought him happiness. He fought hard for Valrim and was loyal to the point he would give his life to the man who had given him everything.
However, after his friend Blank died in service to Valrim he went home and spent time rethinking his life. He had found a sword beforehand and went into the mountains to train away from the riot weed. When he returned, he burned down his home and moved into Greyholm as a new and clean man. He felt he had gained a new strength, but that left him at the sight of his first bugbear. Terror gripped him and even though he survived the encounter he could no longer go on protecting Valrim, for he knew in his heart of hearts that he was not strong enough to survive such a task.
He lives now at Wei Jin Temple training with a young bandit in the way of the sword.

Marcus Kerf

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