Rothen Cross

Elund Elite Guard


Human male
Lawful Good

Dawnstar Armour – Fullplate + 1 (legacy)
Decaforce Sword- Keen Bastard Sword (legacy)


Rothen comes from a long line of Knights serving the Dawnstar an elite branch of the Inquisition. The line of his forefathers can be counted back to the foundation of Elund, making his family name respected and feared.

His father Haru, leader of the Dawnstars, and a Knight before that, taught Rothen how to use a sword since he was in his early teens. When Rothen finally became a Knight his father gave him a set of Full plate armour which has been passed down from father to son for generations in his family. Since becoming a Knight of Elund, Rothen has accomplished many heroic feats that have earned him a lot of respect from the Elund Guard. A recent mission resulted in the rescue of the ambassador Veia, making him the default leader of a new branch of the Elund military, The Aegis.

When not on a mission he his training, as he constantly tries to improve his excellent sword techniques his men follow his example and train hard under his command he is respected alongside Elunds’ heroes such as Archer & Goshavan.

Rothen Cross

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