Roughneck Mark I

Imperial Battle Droid Prototype


It stands at seven feet tall and wields two enchanted giant crossbows; his time trapped underground has altered his original appearance as he now has strange blue crystals growing from his metal form.


During the Nova Crisis, the Badlands became a battleground unlike that of which the word had ever seen. On either side of the mountain range lay the armies of the great powers which had entrenched themselves because of their inability to hold the territory. The Empire launched countless attacks on Cult of Pelor’s defences losing thousands each day, although many in the Empire saw this as acceptable losses a scholar by the name of Zuin put forward the idea of used automatons on the front lines to protect the lives of citizens.
This led to the first instance of Warforged in the preserve, although their exact origins remain a mystery it was said that a legion of these soulless golems were used in the final assault on the Cult of Pelor after they fell into their tunnels after the tide of the war turned. Roughneck believes itself to be the last of this legion, he was trapped in the tunnels until an adventuring team from Golden Company excavated the area freeing it.

Roughneck Mark I

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