Died in battle at Trailblaze Cave
Fighting against Bluebeard
Death by lightning arc


An eager young dwarf who constantly tries to prove his usefulness to the older members of the Mithril Hall clan. More often than nought, this landed the young dwarf into some very sticky situations.

After a heated confrontation with his father about how Valrim needs to think before he acts, Valrim storms off to the tavern to have a few drinks with his closest friends Shea and Rezel. It is here that an ill-fated encounter happened.
While drinking with his friends Valrim complained about his father and how he constantly berated him about his ‘lack of focus’ in combat. This is when a hooded figure approached them and offered an opportunity at fame and glory which will be recognised by all including Valrim’s father. The hooded figure said that an artifact had been taken from him and was being held in a heavily guarded warehouse near the tavern and that he wanted it back but could not get it himself, and that anything they find with the artifact was theirs to keep.

Excited about the chance to finally gain recognition Valrim jumped at the job this man was offering. He did not ask for exact details on what it was he was being asked to retrieve, only how to indentify the object. Later that night, after finding the artifact, Valrim and his friends decide to split up and meet up at the rendevous point in Dagger-Rock where they were to hand over the artifact to the hooded figure. This is the last time the three friends see each other.

Valrim travelled far to the hamlet of DaggerRock where he found many companions, some fell in battle not soon after but Valrim survived. He continued to do so in many encounters where he was clearly outmatched, always ending up on top. Until one day, not unlike any other, when a friends’ life was in danger his body became her shield…


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