“With a small dedicated group, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.”

Chapter 1

The world of Aubade. An incredibly hostile place, – barely able to support life – it became somewhat of a project for the gods. A place where they encouraged civilisation and worship against the natural order of the universe. By creating a realm at the top of the world, they named the great preserve where life could flourish.

However this Eden was not to last:- the many moons of the planet and the fact it orbited a blue giant meant it needed the constant power of the gods to maintain stability. While most of the gods lavished attention on their little project, some took advantage of this and attacked. War broke out between pantheons, and the ethereal planes became rife with chaotic battles.

When the dust finally settled, the gods had abandoned Aubade; leaving it prone to violent tectonic activity, storms and dangerous ripples of arcane distortions. Only a few lesser gods remained to defend the titanic mountain range of the great preserve, where the wrath of nature could be held at bay. Over the course of time, great nations emerged to govern the preserve. The people lived in a time of peace and relative prosperity, but how long can it last?

We come now to a territory of great importance, The Badlands. In the center of the preserve, it serves as a neutral buffer zone between three great powers. But even in this place of peace, we find violence as two city states war constantly over limited resources and ideals. Our adventurers will explore the diverse landscape of the neutral zone; fighting to survive and grow…
And all the while, a dark threat grows…

Chapter 2

Our heroes assembled in the town of DaggerRock, coming from various backgrounds and ways of life; Nakor the idealistic monk from Wei Jin Temple, Valrim the fugitive from Mithril Hall & Eric and Jay, warriors from Golden Company. Shortly after arriving in town the group was tasked by the Inquisition to investigate the death of a young druid on the outskirts of town. The man accused Larkin, was a respected merchant of the town, fencing stolen mithril for Valrim and the “item” intended to be retrieved by Golden Company.

During the investigation the team split and Valrim found himself and his guards recovering in town while the rest of the team fought against illusions and powerful druids. As both groups finished respective tasks they returned to the town in flames. Roaming bandits had taken advantage of the Elund Guards’ absence and raided several villages around the countryside. The party took it upon themselves to drive back the horde with the help of the villagers and then organise them into a fighting force and attack the horde at their home base. Outnumbered and on the offense only the adventurers survived the attack.

With the bandits routed the party returned to town and setup in the then ownerless Greyholm, a large country manor which now serves as the community hub for the village. Everyone stayed to help restore the town for several weeks while the power structure shifted from the Ford family to the Mc Gwaiun as Seventus took over as mayor. This relative peace was broken as a dying Lord Robin beseeched Nakor to save his love Jessica from the Rift that had been opened in Uthers’ Hold.

The group then departed but lost valuable companions along the way after the remnants of the bandit forces ambushed them. They then arrived at the outskirts of the hold linking up with a party from White Forest and charging through the battlefield to reach the town. Once there they were tasked with going into the Rift to save Archer who had led a team on a previous attempt to save other trapped there. Our heroes fought hard but eventually the powers in the Rift repelled them.

They found themselves back in the hold with the Rift closing behind them, to see Archer safe and sound with a number of great warriors behind him. One of which was the duskblade Goshavan, a Primus of Golden Company, who has now tasked the party with retrieving a lost weapons shipment and delivering it to Elund.

All this time the two members of Golden Company, Jay & Eric have noticed that they, along with their comrades, are being hunted by a mysterious organisation of drow. Interest grows concerning Valrims’ mithril orb and news of a new arcane power retrieved from the Rift. As the team approaches Elund what answers await?


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