Ceryni - Den of Thieves

Named after its founder, Ceryni was the head of a horde of bandits whom controlled the Badlands for many years. He built the city which now controls most of the trade between the great empires of the preserve. The first leaders of Ceryni worked together for the sake of profit, drawing outlaws from all walks of life to the city to build their power. This resulted in the city growing faster than any in history as thousands flocked to the neutral territory to avoid the law of the great powers.

Of course this had the added effect of thousands of less than honourable men and women vying for power, gang wars erupted all over the city. These wars were frequent and bloody in the city’s early history, causing large amounts of the city to be engulfed in flames time and again. Soon enough the leaders of the two most powerful gangs The Cloud and the Twin Hammers joined forces and used their power to keep the violence in check. But even their considerable influence was not enough so they turned to mercenary groups to become a police force capable of controlling the city.

This was a sound plan for the powerful gangs who could pay the mercenaries to protect their investments but the smaller ones who could not keep up with the bribes there was no way to survive. In less than a decade the city was finally ruled over by The Cloud gang and there is now relative peace and security. But around ten thousand people lost their lives to the mercenary police forces and gang wars.

Nowadays the mercenaries are used to fight the Elund Guard whenever their interests collide and The Cloud maintains order in the city. The different districts are ruled over by smaller gangs who pay tribute to larger ones, gang wars are uncommon but are allowed to happen when sanctioned by The Cloud. These inner city battles are high ritualised events where civilians are evacuated and limits are set on what weapons and or magic is allowed.

Inner City Gangs:

The Cloud
Twin Hammers
Geblin’s Boyz
Birds of Prey
The House of Silk

Outlying Towns and Villages:

Gutterspike Trading Post

Uther’s Reach

Jane’s Town

The Crow
The Nine Divines

Ceryni - Den of Thieves

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