This sleepy little town is the major food supplier for Elund, as it has the most abundant grassland and water supply in the Badlands. The water flows from the Warden territory and over DaggerRock Falls, down the valley to the basin where the town was built. Generally, the town has ample protection from the Elund Guard. But with the war against Ceryni heating up in the last few years, more and more soldiers are dragged away from defending smaller towns to serve on distant battlefields.

This problem became very apparent when a large group of bandits sacked the town; with only the villagers and local fighters to resist them alone. Thankfully a group of skilled Golden Company warriors and their associates defeated the bandits by taking the fight to them.

After the attack the town has prospered under the new leadership, Sventus the towns new mayor has invested in new farming stock and horses suited to the terrain of the Badlands. And the leader of the Phala, a newly formed mercenary company led by a swordsman known as Marcus, has defended the town and outlying settlements earning coin for DaggerRock and the respect of people.



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