DaggerRock Falls

An area in the Wei Mountains above the town of DaggerRock lies a series of waterfalls flowing down into the Badlands. This area is a site of natural beauty untouched by civilisation and is home to a number of druid tribes which live in the network of caves deep in the hillside.

It is said that the previous leader of the Circle of Magi left to protect this community from the wrath of the emerging group known as the Inquisition. The story goes that this master illusionist left with his young blue dragon after the Inquisition rose to power within the city; he then found the druid community under siege.

It seemed that elements within the Inquisition had determined that all sources of divine magic should be stomped out and as such the peaceful druids were to be destroyed. The death toll was horrifying as the unarmed druids were killed mercilessly, the unknown Circle Magician used his considerable powers to aid the druids escape deep into their caves.

What happened next is unknown as the chapter of the Inquisition sent to the hills never returned and neither did the Circle Magus. It is known that the druids now hold Elund as a hated enemy and their peaceful ways are long forgotten as travellers who venture near their territory are found murdered in uncouth manners.

DaggerRock Falls

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