Elund - City of Magi

The City State of Elund rules over the western area of the Badlands and is one of the richest, most prosperous independent governments in the neutral territories. Much like other powers in the Badlands it is not allowed a standing army so they employ a great deal of mercenary units to bolster their defences. However the guards and mercenaries are nothing in comparison to the Circle of Magi that serves as the city’s protectors and parliament.

The city’s technological advances stem from the lack of any divine magic allowed in the city, this had drawn physicians from around the preserve for the knowledge of medicine in the great library. The city’s aqueduct system was created by some of the Empires engineers and now provides clean water for over half the Badlands.

Throughout the city’s history there has been conflict between with the bandit territories of Ceryni because of unending raids and a deep divide on personal philosophies. The war has been waged mainly through different mercenary groups however there have been some serious engagements such as the fall of Uther’s Reach.

The city was established initially by local farmers as a fortification to protect the surrounding area from the bandit forces based in Ceryni. Several areas now fall under the Elund Guards’ protection: DaggerRock, Uther’s Hold, Mithril Hall, DaggerRock Falls & Several Elund Guard Posts.

Over the course of time the leadership moved from the militia to the powerful group of magi that began aiding them. This later became Elund’s Circle of Magi and a leading body of power in the Badlands. The circle’s members are, and can only be: extremely powerful and wise spellcasters. At the moment their leader is a female half elf called The Enlighted One.

At first, the militia that formed to defeat the bandit hordes made Elund as a bastion for their troops after being beaten back again and again by the superior forces of Ceryni’s bandits. When the magi arrived they quickly enabled the militia to overcome the hordes of Ceryni. Once that task was taken care of Elund turned from a garrison to a giant library that was home to the Magi, later the city rose around it.

After its founding period, the city established several groups which now secure its boarders and hunt down its enemies:

The Elund Guard is a general militia of citizens soldiers armed with medium armour and martial weapons. They are trained by the more experienced mercenary forces such as White Forest this has given a great deal of informal training with a variety of weaponry. The guard numbers serval thousand making them the strongest force Elund garrisons in terms of numbers however they are limited to defence only.

The Inquisition came about after the Cult of Pelor gained power in the area enough to challenge both Elund and Ceryni combined. After it was defeated at the hands of the Empire, the Cult disbanded; but Elund’s knights never stopped hunting them. This prejudice has turned into a burning hatred and zealots now comprise its members. The troubling effect of this is that the Inquisition has risen to become a powerful governing body with enough power to challenge The Circle.

The mercenary forces used as Elund’s offensive forces have changed dramatically over the years due to in fighting, betrayals and political pressure. At this moment White Forest has been with Elund for three generations and has become an integral part of Elund’s military, other mercenary companies have come and gone, such as the recent situation with Golden Company. At this moment a new and relatively unknown mercenary company know as The Warthorn has joined the Guard they have a reputation as being fierce and unforgiving in combat and seem ill suited to the life of a guardsman.

Towns under Elund’s Protection:

- Greyholm

DaggerRock Falls

Uther’s Hold
- The Rift

Mithril Hall
-The Grimbeards

Elund’s Military Forces:

The Inquisition
White Forest
The Watchers

Elund - City of Magi

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