Mithril Hall

Looming over the Icewind Pass sits the fortress city of Mithril Hall home to the Grimbeards, descendants of a once powerful house in the Empire. They fell into decline when their ancestral home was destroyed by the mighty clan of Goldhand during a brutal feud. Soon enough the clan was on the edge of destruction and was forced to flee through the terror of Icewind Pass the gorge that connects the Badlands to the Empire. This terrain is one of the deepest places on the preserve and deathly cold, even for hardy dwarf folk.

To the Empire’s knowledge the Grimbeard clan died in the pass and so was the fate of the Goldhand troops sent in the follow them. In reality the two clans fought off a group of frost giants together and were forced into a cavern to seek shelter from an oncoming storm. During that time the dwarven folk put aside their differences and worked together building in that cavern. High walls were erected to protect them from the frost giants and other horrors however during that time the Grimbeard systematically murdered dozens of Goldhand troops through accidents and dangerous building techniques. Before the Goldhand knew what was happening it was too late and the Grimbeards were upon them.

The murderous dwarves made a home for themselves in the Wei Mountains and found a vein of mithril and crystals. They allied with the city of Elund for their mercantile connections to the wardens and began a massive exports of ore and crystal, that has made them the richest dwarven clan in the neutral zone.

Rumours and little news from the city have worried officials in Elund as representatives sent to Mithril Hall have not returned.

- The Grimbeards

Mithril Hall

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