The Badlands

This territory, commonly known as The Badlands is a neutral mountainous region between the three major powers of the preserve. It separates the Warden, Empire and Republic territories at the centre of the great preserve however there are other territories that boarder the province. Fellow neutral territories boarder The Badlands, to the north the orcish hordes of Nava and to the south the warring kingdoms of Roma Petall.

It is part of the neutral zone and therefore free of interference from the major powers. It is instead governed by two warring city states: Elund and Ceryni and largely oblivious to the outside world.

Elund is ruled by a council of magi; their focus is the furthering of knowledge and the eradication of those who would place beliefs above the realities of life. Ceryni, on the other hand, is ruled by the High Lord; leader of the Thieves’ Guild. Their goal is singular: making more coin than anyone else in the neutral zone; this has led to the endorsement of slavery and child labour in their lands.

This act enraged the citizens of Elund who used it to justify going to war. This so called war has amounted to little more than skirmishes between the two sides for decades now. Both sides have no standing army to speak of and would not dare to even attempt to raise one. For if they did, they would be declared warlords and the great empires would be within their rights to remove them from the neutral zone.

For the most part, the Badlands are just that, a very bad place to live: full of bandits and chaos and bad weather. However the land does have one redeeming feature: it’s filthy rich. It is close enough to the warden territories to have enough water for farming and it has a huge deposit of mithril which is constantly fought over.

Whatever happens in The Badlands is closely observed by its neighbours and is key to any dramatic change that may happen to the preserve.

City States:

Western Province – Elund
Eastern Province – Ceryni

Neighbouring Territories:

Roma Petall

The Badlands

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