Uther's Hold

There once was a myth that at the centre of the preserve, two elder gods descended to the mortal plane and fought a titanic battle, thus creating the Badlands as we know it today. There is some evidence of great powers at work in the area of Uther’s Hold – magic in the area is warped and twisted when cast and the temple is said to be under constant guard.

However the ancient fortifications built to defend the area from the Rift’s energies also serve as Elunds’ first line of defence against the forces of Ceryni after the fall of Uther’s Reach. The fort is also the base of operations for White Forest and houses their chapters’ library.

Recently the Elund Guard has been called towards the Hold and away from defending towns and villages because of news of a Rift and monsters, unseen in generations. With the aid of powerful fighters from Golden Company and the Elund Guard the Rift was again closed by at a heavy cost.

Since then the fort has been under repair as the damage done by both the Rift and Ceryni raiding parties was extensive White Forest has pulled most of its men away from the city to assist.

The Rift

Uther's Hold

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